Discover How You Can Help A Child With Autism Overcome Social Disadvantages And Learn To Thrive!This book is full of tips, techniques and stories that will help you understand what a child with Autism is experiencing. You will come away inspired and with a new outlook on how to communicate more effectively with your loved one. If you are struggling to understand a child who has an autistic spectrum disorder, this book is for you. Autism Explained is full of clear insights into the things that trouble your child and shows you what you can do about them. Like most parents, you probably have plenty of questions about coping with autism, and this book has the answers. How does my child see the world? What do his repetitive behaviors mean? How can I connect with him when he doesn't seem interested? What about his outbursts and meltdowns - what causes them and can I do anything to stop them? Maybe you've asked these questions yourself. These questions, and many more are answered in this book. Autism Explained starts with a look at the disorder, what causes it and when is the best time to start treatment. It tells you the signs you should look out for that show you might need to get your child assessed. We'll also look at how you can be involved in his therapy by working with the medical experts. This Book Will Show You Some Very Practical Ways To Help Your Child...It looks at making a secure and structured routine, creating a personalized treatment plan, and building a support network. Want to know about problem behaviors, or how to help your child learn to speak? Need to get the grandparents or in-laws involved but don't know how? Well, this book answers all your questions in an easy to read style. Autism Explained is packed full of useful tips and practical ideas to help you help your child. In particular the final chapter deals with how the parent feels. It explains how accepting your limitations as well as your child's can change your outlook, and tells you about crea