The Wood Beyond the World is quite possibly among the greatest books depicting a world of fantasy that were ever written. Many other authors came after William Morris, depicting similar ideals, characters, quests and adventures, but Morris' originality in his ability to create an imaginative fictional medieval world and put together a fantastic plot that has kept generations of readers glued to their seats to find out what happens next has been quite groundbreaking.

The story takes us through the adventures of a young man named Golden Walter, who has recently lost his marriage, after his wife had left him, and has also lost himself at sea. His visions of an elusive visionary Maid are what keeps him going, and what makes for the main intrigue of this story, leading Walter through temptations and adventures that build up his character and end up giving him the emotional fulfillment that he had so greatly desired.

Morris was greatly influenced by his antagonist emotions towards the industrial revolution. A pioneer of his time when it comes to fantasy novels, he struggled, but succeeded in becoming one of the most influential voices in Victorian England, and as a poet, writer, socialist and medievalist, he managed to promote a more pastoral picture of fictional literature that eventually caught on through later works by well-known writers such as Pratt, Tolkien or Eddison.

Anyone interested in medieval stories, fairy tales, romance fantasies or the origin of fantasy writing itself will simply love The Wood Beyond the World. If you grew up reading tales of fiction and adventure, you may also find the engaging writing style and fascinating plot lines used by Morris to be quite enticing.

Will Golden Walter manage to rescue the young Maid who appears in such terrible danger in his vision? You can find out by reading this outstanding novel written by the father of modern fantasy.