Jayden Winston runs a successful business, yet he has lived with regret for the last ten years of his life due to a life changing decision he made upon his college graduation.
Because of his struggle with mysophobia, Jayden is rich but alone. He ended his relationship with his college sweetheart, Tamaeya Jackson due to pressure from his parents and his belief that she would soon tire of his compulsion to clean.
He now learns through her lawyer that he fathered a set of twins with Tamaeya and that she’s requesting support. Stunned by the news, Jayden demands that his lawyer set up a meeting.
With this new spark of hope, Jayden realizes that he has a chance to make things right with the woman he never got over, but will Tamaeya take him back and will the twins he unknowingly fathered accept him into their lives even with his obsessive compulsive behavior?