I’ve never stopped loving you….

Her name was Sophia Hemsworth. Sophia was the only child of her multi-billionaire parents. However, her life was a complete mess. Her parents were never satisfied with her, and neither with her choices.Since her childhood, she had been trying hard to impress her parents, but all in vain. She had no freedom. She was like a bird locked in a golden cage.

Sophia’s parents had fixed her wedding in the Millers Family. Millers too were billionaires. Sophia’s marriage was fixed with Brian Miller. Actually, the fathers of both them, Mr. Robert Miller, and Mr. Xavier Hemsworth had planned to merge their businesses together. Hence, they had signed a contract which included the marriage of Sophia and Brian.

But Sophia didn’t want to marry Brian. She had never considered him a ‘marriage material’. Rather, she always considered him a good friend, an elder brother to be precise. Instead, Sophia loved Ethan Miller, the brother of Brian Miller.
Ethan Miller was an epitome of perfection. He was a perfect son, a perfect businessman. He was a man of principles and always followed the rules. He was a kind of man whom every woman desired.

Ethan too fell for Sophia, but being Mr. Perfectionist, how could he marry his brother’s fiancée?

A story of LOVE, FAITH and HOPE.